About me

Kind of CV and more...

I´m born 20th of April 1948 in Bad Reichenhall, Germany.

I spent my youth time in Schwenningen, as small city in the south of Germany. Schwenningen was famous for the watch industry and after school I made an apprenticeship at a watchmaker company. My dad advised me to do something basic, then I was free to study what I wanted.  I had been accepted as sudent at the Design School in Ulm, but the school was abondoned because of political incorrectnes of students and teachers at that time. So I went to study Mechanical Engineer. After graduation, I moved on into a bigger, brighter world, I spent some years in Berlin, starting a carrer in the software and IT- industry. After that I worked for some American Companies, what allowed me to travel and see the world. I have mainly worked at high-tech companies and forefront technology all my business life.

But sometimes it is time to say good bye, so I did that before people asked me to do so and I decided to go back to my all time  favourite theme,I went back to ART.

I started my new life with part time involvement in Cologne at Raymund Richters studio, followed by my move to Rosenheim, where I rented a small studio nearby, and now I´m working as a professional painter. In addition I have the opportunity to work as Artist in Residence for the Uiberscher Foundation in Arta/ Mallorca.


Besides ART, I´m very interested in political science and history and in historic cars, especially in historic  racing. I used to race a small Alfa Romeo historic GT car on most race tracks throughout Europe. Now this interest is more virtual... Recently I have written a book (in German) about te 50th and 60th in a small village and may be, I will possibly publish a book on my art as well, never say no.


Last year life has changed, I became sick and spent nearly the whole 2015 in hospital and Rehabilitation. This changed my thougts and plans and I^m now starting a new life in Leipzig (Lipsia) with new energy and ideas, and of course new art  projects as well...